Sparda-Bank Berlin

Strategic change
at an established
cooperative bank


Like many banks, Sparda-Bank Berlin is undergoing radical change. It is important for it to assert itself on the market for financial service providers, dynamically develop its strategic orientation, and offer convincing solutions. In order to remain relevant in the future, not only do we need suitable images of the future and innovations, but we also need the proper qualifications for our employees. The best way to do this is to work with a reliable partner who will walk with you on the path to change.


Together with zero360, Sparda-Bank Berlin initiated a comprehensive strategy project three years ago. We have since identified and prepared for market trends that the bank can meaningfully respond to. In addition to internal organisational changes, we developed new ideas for the alternative use of branches. As a pilot project based on the ideas portfolio, we opened the co-working space Blok O in Frankfurt an der Oder. Beyond the specific content, we led and enabled sales teams, innovation teams, and executives in the transformation of their areas.

Outcomes and results


  • Identification of current and future market developments and trends
  • Determination of individual positioning measures


  • Development of a portfolio of ideas for new business models
  • Creation of alternative use cases for bank branches


  • Organisational transformation with a focus on agile ways of working
  • Support for setting up the internal corporate innovation management team


  • Coaching of internal innovation and sales teams
  • Training of key executives in Design Thinking methods
"In the many and varied challenges as a bank, zero360 has helped us to approach the right questions with the right methods. In addition to their perspective as an external partner, I appreciate above all the honest but empathetic way zero360 deals with teams and managers."

Tobias J. Berten
Head of Corporate Innovation Management
Sparda-Bank Berlin


Agile Working Methods

Design Thinking


Individual Training

Process- and Method-Development

Service Design

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