Partners and team players,
not consultants

Change needs power, and we have the fuel. Experienced specialists, freethinkers, visionaries and designers who see themselves as a team.

What gets us going

We believe that when the deliberations first start, it should always be about the people. That is why we place empathy, transparency and trust at the centre of our actions. As an accelerator, we enable people and organisations to be a part of the future. Together, we drive social change and strive for a future in which emotional intelligence stands above technical dominance and opens up new areas of potential for people. Our vision is a world in which win-win-win situations become possible: for our customers, the users and society.

The team

Dr. Nadja Berseck
Lead Business Design

Nadja is a business innovator, urban researcher and boat captain - all in one. She is excited about interventions in urban space. While combining her entrepreneurial and creative skills in order to develop new business models at zero360, Nadja cruises along the Spree with the self-made recycling raft on the weekend.

Gabi Bornschein
People & Organisation

The ability to perceive her environment holistically, the curiosity about organizations at all development stages and her analytical nature qualify Gabi to empathize with employees and managers as well as to understand organizational structures in depth. She always recognizes developmental potential and enables teams to implement them.

Rosalie von Boch
Product & Service Design

No matter what Rosalie's doing, she does it with passion, dedication, and attention to detail. She is a source of inspiration for trends of all kinds for the team and engages people with her enthusiastic nature. Rosalie has a sense of what really matters to people and the ability to create a vision of the future in community.

Sinem Düzgün
Organisational Design

Nadja Krombach
Organisational Design

Change is the only constant. When organizations need or want to change, Nadja rolls up her sleeves, develops and accompanies transformation processes on an individual, team and organizational level. She believes empathy and participation are essential to spark curiosity for new ways of thinking and working; because people support what they create.

Holger Eggert
Product & Service Design

Holger works at the interface of product strategy and organisational strategy. He helps teams develop products that customers love in an organisation they love. He has been doing this for over 20 years. Some of the products he's worked on are now used by millions of people every day.

Justin von Eickstedt
Business Design

With his experience in the strategy and startup sector, Justin helps our clients to identify and implement innovation potential. As an enthusiastic team player and advocate of the co-design approach, he looks forward to exciting collaborations and exchanges on topics such as strategic design and innovation.

David Engelhardt
Product & Service Design

A curious engineer who prefers to work more with people than machines. David's desire is to create spaces for individual development and he loves to gather around a whiteboard. He's your perfect partner for a change of perspective, because you can be sure that he's just read an article about your topic.

Martin Funck
Organisational Design

With his experience in organizational design, strategy and agile product development, Martin brings a variety of perspectives to problem solving and knows the board-level work in a corporation as well as that in startups and medium-sized businesses.

Katharina Göring
Organisational Design

Jella Gullmann
Organisational Design

Für Jella steht der Mensch im Fokus aller Transformationsprozesse. Ob Start-Up oder Konzern – Für sie ist die Entfaltung von Potenzialen im Team und auf individueller Ebene entscheidend. Sie steht damit für eine nachhaltige und menschenzentrierte Organisationsentwicklung. Mit Erfahrung im Event Management und Digital Consulting und einer Weiterbildung im Bereich Coaching, unterstützt sie das Organisational Design bei der Konzeption und Durchführung von Workshops sowie beim Ausbau interner Prozesse.

Anne Hahn
Product & Service Design

Empathy with people is what drives Anne in her daily work. Both in her earlier career as an interior designer of shops for premium brands and now as a service designer of efficient processes and innovative products.

Lea Herzfeld
Product & Service Design

Lea kombiniert Empathie mit Strategie, analytische Fähigkeiten und ein kreatives Mindset. Sie versteht sich als Co-Designerin von Produkten und Services. Mit ihrer Erfahrung in den Bereichen der Kollaborations- sowie Designmethodiken, arbeitet sie ko-kreativ mit Nutzenden, Kunden*innen und Mitarbeitenden zusammen.

Jonas Holzfaeller
Organisational Design

Simon Höher
Lead Public Design

Simon prefers to ask questions for which there is no answer yet. And because many of these questions are at the edge of society and technology, he feels particularly comfortable there. In the search of answers, he has launched start-ups and conferences, developed digital strategies and products, and explored future living and working environments in both analogue and digital neighbourhoods.

Marlene Jost
Business Design

As an entrepreneur and business designer, Marlene is passionate about the interdisciplinary development of innovative products and services. Her motivation is to reconcile client needs and business success. In her free time, she also experiments with agile innovation methods, for example in the field of shoe design.

Marian Kaufmann
Lead Business Design

Marian has considered marketing from many different perspectives: in an agency working for big clients, lying in the grass for a start-up, and as part of an internationalisation process. He sees innovation as the interaction of people, technology, and markets. As a business designer, he can combine these three with his curiosity and experience.

Tobias von Knobelsdorff
Organisational Design

Our curious and joyful Tobias is fascinated by what holds organisations together. That's what he studied at university, experienced in major corporations, and organised in start-ups. Now his mission is to help people look forward to the future with new ways of thinking and working!

Raúl Kuhn
Organisational Design

Raúl is an organisational developer, agile coach, and great enthusiast for everything related to what's now called the "new work." Methodically, he feels at home in design thinking, LEGO serious play, and systemic coaching and can't say enough about how much he loves them.

Anna Lehna
Organisational Design

Anna meets people with great openness and positivity. She is dedicated to conceptualize and conduct human-centered training formats – and has by the way an affinity for digital tools. Anna is on the spot for implementing ideas.

Luise Löper
Lead Organisational Design

With people in focus and an eye for the big picture, Luise accompanies innovation and change processes. Her passion is successful collaboration and, as a mediator, always sees the potential in the tension arising from change and creating something new.

Clara Meyer
Business Design

Clara is part of the Product and Service team.

Johannes Meyer
Lead Organisational Design

Johannes is in his element when group decisions are complex with multiple layers and imbued with uncertainty. He therefore moderates strategy and transformation processes for many organisations. In addition, he likes to design learning experiences and fun exercises on innovation methods.

Marie Munzert
Business Design

Marie kombiniert ihr Wissen aus den Bereichen des Nachhaltigkeits- und Innovationsmanagements mit ihren Fähigkeiten zur Konzeption, Iteration und Integration von agilen Befähigungsformaten. Als Teil des Teams Organisational Design begleitet sie Unternehmen im Wandel und trägt so zu einer nachhaltigen sowie zukunftsfähigen Entwicklung unserer Kunden bei.

Valeria Ossio
Product & Service Design

Valeria liebt große Herausforderungen und glaubt, dass Service Design mit seinem sowohl kreativen als auch interdisziplinären Ansatz in der Lage ist, komplexe (Geschäfts-)Probleme anders zu betrachten, zu definieren und zu lösen. Als Service Designerin nimmt sie die Vogelperspektive ein, um Systeme ganzheitlich zu verstehen und sinnvolle Innovation zu erschaffen.

Joana Pedrosa Ruthenberg
Communication Design

As a communication designer, Joana is making sure that the corporate guidelines and the visual appearance of zero360 is always consistent, smart and fresh. She is always looking for new design ideas and helps the team with any design questions. Her specialities are clear designs and illustrations. No matter what new design job is coming up, she always works with great attention to detail.

Zwetana Penova
Lead Product & Service Design

As a product and service designer, Zwetana sees herself as an advocate for the users. For Zwetana, design is a discipline that primarily supports the creation of new patterns of thought and action. She finds the interfaces between people and technology particularly exciting in the areas of knowledge transfer and e-health.

Laura Plemper
Organisational Design

Laura is fascinated by the human psyche. She previously worked on what makes individuals healthy; she now shapes healthy cultures and transformation processes in companies. With strong concepts and clear words, she shows why we do what we do and how we can do it better.

Barbara Posern
Organisational Design

Barbara begleitet Organisationen, Teams und Menschen in Transformationsprozessen und verbindet dabei ihre Expertise als Designerin mit ihrer Erfahrung als Coach und strategische Beraterin. Ihr Lieblingsthema: Kunden zu befähigen, neue Lösungen zu entwickeln und auch umzusetzen – ko-kreativ, agil und nutzerzentriert.

Niklas Proksch
Managing Director

Coach, strategist, transformer. Niklas brings experience and passion together. Stops on his career path have included large consulting networks, his own office, and the world of corporates. His most important ingredients for successful transformation processes: communication and participation.

Thierry Puts
Finance & Controlling

Thierry ist Experte für Accounting und Controlling und hat sich schon von klein auf für die Finanzwelt interessiert. Er konnte seinen Blick in die Bücher und Prozesse von großen Unternehmen bis hin zu kleinen Start-ups werfen und sucht kontinuierlich nach Effizienzen und Möglichkeiten der Automatisierung.

Dr. Shamim Rafat
CEO & Founder

Shamim keeps an eye on the steady development of our team and company with lots of foresight and passion. He advises our clients in developing strategies and implementing innovation and transformation processes. He inspires our clients and our team alike with his knowledge and experience. Shamim is also one of the proudest fathers in the city.

Mathis Rechenbach
Product & Service Design

Nina Rosar
Agility & Operations

What do you stand for? Feelgood for a motivated team is Nina's purpose. She designs new- and optimizes existing processes based on agile principles. Her focus is always on the user - our team, applicants and partners. True to the motto "practice what you preach".

Désirée Seibel
Lead Brand & Communication

Killa Schütze
Business Design

Killa's focus as an Agile Coach and Digital Creative is User Experience Design, Design Thinking and User Happiness . She loves designing user-centric and device-agnostic end-to-end experiences while empowering people to future-proof organizations with new ways of working.

Marco Springer
Business Design

Steffen Sommerlad
Product & Service Design

Steffen is a strategic designer, coach, and knowledge junkie. He prefers to accompany transformation and innovation processes and digs deep into leaving comfort zones. The future tastes best to him if he can actively help to shape it. When he says something's "fresh," that means it's great.

Alex Thalmann
Business Design

Alex mag inspirierende Begegnungen, wohl überlegte Konzepte und Visionen, die auf eine positive Zukunft einzahlen. Dazu integriert er sich in Organisationen und bespielt die Schnittstelle von Organisationsdesign, strategischer Geschäftsfeldentwicklung sowie hands-on Produkt und Service Design. Sein Motto: „You got to squeeze in, when you want to stand out.“

Cornelia Tocha
Product & Service Design

Cornelia bewegt sich am liebsten an den Schnittstellen von Disziplinen, Themen und Ansätzen. Ihr interdisziplinärerer Hintergrund in Germanistik, BWL und Design hilft ihr, verschiedenste Perspektiv-Brillen aufzusetzen, genau hinzuhören und mit anderen in partizipativen Formaten zukünftige Welten zu erforschen. Cornelia will wissen: Was müssen wir heute tun, um morgen wünschenswerte, verantwortliche und nachhaltige Lösungen parat zu haben?

Jana Wichmann
Lead Agility & Operations

Jana develops and establishes agile organisational and foresight routines that sustainably empower teams to focus on their own goals and thus pursue their vision. She is always driven by this premise: take a close look and listen with precision in order to create user-centred solutions. Every process can only be as good as it is actually embodied.

Dea Dantas Vögler
Product & Service Design

Dea is direct and results-oriented. For her, innovation means adapting products, processes or ways of working in a meaningful way to constantly changing realities. With lively curiosity, she researches people in their actions to enable valuable change.

Veit Vogel
Lead Future & Public Design

Veit helps create urban interventions and services that people value. He is a futurist, designer and urbanist. His take on consulting is translating future uncertainties into present day choices. Also, he insists that innovation is not a .pdf production business.

Join our team

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Sounding Board

Our Sounding Board is made up of brilliant minds that help us always stay one step ahead. They continuously challenge our status quo and support us by providing a platform for reflection. By giving an external perspective, the Sounding Board blends seamlessly into our lived feedback culture.

Andreas Brandt
Head of Client Interaction, PR & Marketing for Germany, Austria & CEEMED at Schroders

For 15 years, Andreas has occupied himself with digital transformation strategies, business model innovations, competitive/business intelligence and change management, having implemented numerous projects within these areas successfully and on his own responsibility.

Prof. Dr. Julian M. Kawohl
Professor of Strategic
Management at University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin

Prof. Dr. Julian M. Kawohl is Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin. His research focuses on the analysis of available strategies, approaches and concepts, which are of particular interest for established corporations, with the objective to transfer their business models and structures into modern, innovative and agile organizations.

Prof. Dr. Bettina Maisch
Professor for Entrepreneurship
Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Bettina Maisch holds a PhD in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. She is in charge of the Industrial Design Thinking (i.DT) Program at Siemens Corporate Technology (CT). Bettina and her team adapted the methodologies from Stanford University and the Innovation Company IDEO to the requirements of an industrial company like Siemens.

Prof. Dr. Emanuel Towfigh
Professor at EBS University
Wiesbaden and Supervisory Board Member of Freudenberg SE

Prof. Dr. Emanuel  V. Towfigh holds the chair of Public Law, Empirical Legal Research and Legal Economy at the EBS University of Wiesbaden and is a research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn. In his research, he focuses on legal dimensions of governance questions, with emphasis on behavior-oriented, empirical methods.