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With agility
to convincing old and new mobility services


In Berlin's public transport, mobility means organic, authentic services that work. In order to continue to be THE mobility solution for Berlin in a fiercely competitive market, BVG wants to shape the mobility of the future rather than merely reacting to changes. Creating a future requires a common vision and collective action to achieve it. Together with the BVG, we are finding solutions to these questions: what is BVG's shared vision of the future? How can we, despite separate, long-standing business units, collaborate to shape a desirable mobile future through collective action?


In a participatory strategy process, zero360 worked in 2017 with BVG to develop visions for the future together as well as suitable processes and service concepts for customers, employees, and Berlin as a whole. On the basis of this shared vision for the future, strategic projects and fields of innovation were identified on three horizons: establish evolutionary innovation in the core business, enable radical innovation of Berlin mobility platforms, and claim BVG's place as an actor in the disruptive innovation of autonomous driving. To achieve the goals, project teams and agile innovation units were enabled to make progress that works in reality, not just in theory.

Outcomes and results


  • Identification of development drivers and fields of action for the future of Berlin mobility
  • Development of images of the future across the company from the service tech to the executive board and determination of strategic projects and fields of innovation


  • Development of images of the desired target and creation of process and product visions to digitalise business processes
  • Design of digital customer experiences for autonomous mobility as a compass for future innovation projects


  • Optimisation of processes to be user-centred by digitalising services in the core business
  • Making more vehicles available for Berlin's increasing mobility needs


  • Creation of autonomous working environments that enable targeted and coordinated transformation projects
  • Establishment and development of agile project groups
"The digital transformation does not usually fail due to a lack of ideas, but rather due to the evaluation of ideas and the subsequent focused implementation. zero360 has understood this and is convincing with an interactive concretization of ideas, so that pilots and MVPs can be tested quickly."

Dr. Henrik Haenecke
former board member for finance, sales and digitization


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