Signal Iduna

The transformation of an insurance company
to the solution provider for SME


Customer focus and strong implementation are drivers that bring about constructive change. In order to help corporations handle the digital transformation, an open and participatory corporate culture with transparent communication is needed. With Vision 2023, the Signal Iduna Group has set itself the task of "creating a better quality of life together" through a transformation program in the context of digitalisation.


In the course of this project, Signal Iduna proclaimed a radical customer focus that zero360 had been driving into the organization for more than a year as a dedicated attitude pioneer. Outwardly, we are helping the group provide its customers with excellent digital products, services, and business models. Inwardly, we are empowering employees to co-designers leading the company into a customer-centred future. In addition to the strategic and operational support of the digital factory and the transformation office at Signal Iduna, we are collaborating on target group research and developing sustainable concepts to create suitable added value for customers.

Outcomes and results


  • Identification of target groups and determine room for action
  • Discovery of relevant added value and communication channels for customers


  • Development of new insurance solutions based on prototypes
  • Providing strategic and operational support to the digital Factory and the transformation office


  • Set up of digital infrastructures for offering new products and services
  • Development of service blueprints to identify future customer interactions and required resources


  • Implementation of agile working methods among the employees of the organisation
  • Manifest of methodological approaches by building a wiki for internal knowledge management
"zero360 was there from day one with vision and attitude. On the one hand, they did an excellent job in terms of content, because the concepts developed have great potential. On the other hand, they carried our teams with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn, and thus made an impact in the company far beyond their project scope. The balance between implementation competence and mindset made a lasting impression on me."

Johannes Rath
Chief Digital Officer
Signal Iduna



Business Design

Service Design

Design Thinking



User Interviews

Process- and Method-Development

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