On the route from the oldest motor works
to an innovative mobility provider


Daimler's Marienfelde plant is the oldest motor works in the German automotive group and an important pillar for the development and production of efficient drive solutions. As a classic factory, the plant is dependent on changing mobility requirements and wanted to anticipate these developments. The goal: to identify sustainable innovation projects that reflect the changes in society and the economy and take into account Daimler's unique capabilities.


As part of the project, zero360 has supported the development of an innovation laboratory for the development of product scenarios for Daimler's Marienfelde motor works. The innovation lab was set up in a part of the factory redesigned by employees as a place for collaborative design, testing, and evaluation. Over several months, we developed interdisciplinary product ideas there that will make best use of the plant's expertise in the future. The lab met with tremendous interest among employees and established itself as the spearhead of a new work culture.

Outcomes and results


  • Identification of new mobility requirements and fields of action
  • Analysing of future trends for new business models


  • Set up of Innovation Lab on-site to develop new product scenarios
  • Design and validation of five business cases for the plant


  • Development of new technologies and promising mobility concepts


  • Training of key employees to become innovation leaders
"The setup of the lab was a real wake-up call for the site. With the support of zero360, a positive enthusiastic mood developed in the middle of the plant, a place where new ideas and the commitment of the employees for the future of the site found a home."

Matthias Ziege
Coordinator of the Innovationlab Berlin-Marienfelde


Service Design

Design Thinking

Future Design


Process- and Method-Development

User Interviews

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