Adidas Anticipation

From sporting goods manufacturer
to health enabler


Adidas has always been a symbol of sports, but it needs new ideas to differentiate itself in the marketplace. Customers are seeking support in building and maintaining healthy life routines that will increase their well-being and lead to active lives. With the help of digitalisation, new touchpoints along the customer journey are being created. A fitting challenge for the leading sporting goods manufacturer to research new future projects and to realise innovations.


Adidas Anticipation worked with zero360 to identify new areas of action and develop employee skills to help customers build a healthier future. A start-up was set up to explore innovation potential and develop prototypes. Using project-based training, we expanded the knowledge of the workforce with the latest methods and thus created the basis for evolutionary innovation.

Outcomes and results


  • Research and identification of future fields of action
  • Disruptive innovation research with future user groups


  • Validation of future topics and develop innovation potentials based on speculative future prototypes
  • Design and testing of disruptive service prototypes


  • Supporting an autonomous start-up to test disruptive innovation potential
  • Set up and establishment of agile working methods within the company's own structures


  • Training of project teams in state-of-the-art innovation methods for use in practical applications
  • Establishment of agile innovation routines in the company


Business Design

Service Design

Design Thinking



Process- and Method-Development

User Interviews

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