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How employees
become drivers
of holistic transformation


The basis for change is the commitment of decision-makers. However, a true revolution begins with the employees. Only those who can move their heads in that direction can achieve sustainable transformation. But how does this work in the context of a software company that operates in the highly regulated healthcare market and is characterised by traditional structures and people who mediate between users and service providers?


Over a four-year period, zero360 initiated transformation projects at various organisational levels that have enabled a cultural change for AOK Systems. We accompanied numerous new product developments and enabled employees to develop and implement short and long-term method training formats. In addition, we designed an innovation lab with AOK Systems and provided support for the implementation of three ideas to the technical prototype. We also helped the company develop and shape the content of its vision. As a result, user-centred thinking and action have become an integral part of AOK's overall organisational culture.

Outcomes and results


  • Vision finding and development as part of the realignment of the overall organisation
  • Concept for the long-term communication of the organisation's vision and orientation


  • Development of products and services related to digital solutions for administrative assistants
  • Implementation of various short-term formats to establish Design Thinking within the organisation


  • Development of the innovation lab in order to realise new products and services
  • Support of management in alignment and communication across the organisation


  • Development of training formats focused on teaching Design Thinking, UX design, and agile approaches
  • Coaching of project teams and conduct workshops for top management to plan strategic measures
"With the aim of future-proofing the organisation, we worked with zero360 to initiate a transformation towards a user-centred, agile mindset and Design Thinking has become an integral part of the culture."

Björn Jeglic
Productmanager and Design Thinking Coach
AOK Systems


Organisational Design


Design Thinking


Future Design

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