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Agile competence and innovation
in international cooperation


International cooperation means working without shortcuts and simple solutions. It is a process characterised by uncertainty and complexity. In translating global sustainability goals into regional challenges, GIZ seeks solutions that will be brought to life by the people on the ground. However, these solutions cannot be created, financed, or implemented by just one actor. They need interdisciplinary cooperation on political, economic, and social levels.


For six years, zero360 has supported GIZ and its partners in this task. Working as peers with change agents and sources of local knowledge, we launch and support various innovation projects. Through continuous learning cycles, we achieve progress that generates added value not only in theory but in practice. Based on new learning experiences, we introduce processes that will enable people-centred innovation even without our support. We ensure increasing independence from external resources through train-the-trainer formats as well as openly accessible learning artefacts. In addition, we are continuously increasing GIZ's ability to innovate through the strategic development and implementation of innovation laboratories such as the Lab of Tomorrow, the Urban & Leadership Lab, and the Impact Investing Lab.

Outcomes and results


  • Identification of room for potential and defining desirable futures
  • Determination of visions, ideas, and strategic projects for the future


  • Development of prototypes for the urban challenges of today
  • Strategic development and support of the Lab of Tomorrow
  • Design and implementation of both the Urban Innovation & Leadership and Impact Investing Labs


  • Peer-to-peer Urban Innovation Network of 25 change agents who drive innovation projects in 12 countries through mutual support
  • Inspiration of the GIZ staff through conference formats, for example on the topic of idea generation
  • Establishment of a network of multipliers within GIZ that actively contribute to anchoring the methodological competences


  • Creation of a broad awareness for agile methods among employees on all levels and in all areas
  • Implementation of train-the-trainer formats in a national and international context, including multi-year training in Design Thinking for Egyptian innovators and providing practical, on-site support for their projects
  • Supervising of GIZ's internal methods department for several months in order to strengthen its agile competencies
"The trainings of zero360 are a highlight every time. The coaches show a high degree of flexibility with simultaneous goal orientation in preparation, implementation and evaluation. The trainings are perfectly adapted to the participants, which leads to best results especially in an intercultural context."

Dr. Philipp Busch
Former Projekt Manager
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